Light or Darkness.
Where will your Journey lead you? 

In Soulmist, you enter the world of Fyera as one of its heroes, leading the charge against the forces of the Dark Saints who hide in the shadows beyond the Darklands. 

 However, this is a war unlike any before it as it is not only fought in the field of battle but the very soul spark of every living creature in Fyera. The victors of this endless war shall determine the colour of these sparks once and for all.

What to expect in the world of Fyera

1. A completely new campaign world, filled with secrets and exciting lore to discover.

2. Five new races blessed by their ancestors from beyond the Nebula of Souls, or even Fyera herself. Each race has a unique ability known as their Fyera’s Gift. 

3. The Scholar! A non-magical take on the traditional Bard character who focuses on inspiring their allies as well as acting as a diplomatic envoy between the Nations of Fyera, and sometimes even emissaries from the Darklands. 

4. New Subclasses dedicated to every race of Fyera and their culture, which are unlocked from the very 1st level! There are over 20 racial archetypes for you to discover, such as the Pyromancer, or the Ashen Berserker and many others.

5. New backgrounds to select from manually, or to roll on their respective tables to quickly come up with fun character concepts.

6. TONS of feats to customize your character without the need to sacrifice ability score improvements.

8. A new magical tradition known as Prohibited Magic, which exacts a heavy toll from its invokers in order to be used. 

7. Three new systems to enhance the brooding and dark themes of Fyera.

7a. The Erebos System tracks a character’s fall from grace as the story progresses. 

7b. Empowered Abilities & Sparks of Light or Darkness. 

7c. The Scales of Nebula. This sub-system determines the toll it takes on the player characters to keep on fighting.

In the end, it is up to each and every one of you to uphold their own cresset of light. To shine bright into the dark of night, and to drive away all the nightmares that lurk in the shadow of Fyera.

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