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Soulmist Core Book


A 250 pages hardcover book contaigning the lore of Fyera, its inhabitants and all rules needed for creating characters and crafting campaigns in the setting.


Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light is a dark fantasy world Setting based of the famous 5e d20 system.

LIGHT or DARKNESS. Where will your Journey lead you?

In Soulmist, you enter the world of Fyera as one of its heroes, leading the charge against the forces of the Dark Saints who hide in the shadows beyond the Darklands. The Old People of Fyera have united in Penumbra and in the Lands of the Old Days in order to be victorious between this new struggle. However, this is a war unlike any before it as it is not only fought in the field of battle but the very soul spark of every living creature in Fyera. The victors of this endless war shall determine the colour of these sparks once and for all.

What to expect in the world of Fyera:

1. A completely new world setting, filled with secrets and exciting lore to discover. Many years ago, an unexplainable event now remembered as “The Ruination” changed the fate of Fyera forever. The world stopped revolving around its star, succumbing a large portion of the world into total darkness, now called the Darklands. The other region known as the Lands of the Old Days is forever showered in the warm rays of the sun. Penumbra sits in the middle, filled with untamed wilderness and is ravaged by the war efforts the most.

2. Five new races blessed by their ancestors from beyond the Nebula of Souls, or even Fyera herself. Each race has a unique ability known as their Fyera’s Gift. The proud Lumen can peer outside of their own timeline by sacrificing their own time, whereas the noble Primus are able to drink the blood of mortals to sustain their immortal and powerful bodies. Will they solve their differences in order to survive the coming battles, or fall to their own stubborness and arrogance?

3. The Scholar! A non-magical take on the traditional Bard character who focuses on inspiring their allies as well as acting as a diplomatic envoy between the Nations of Fyera, and sometimes even emissaries from the Darklands. Their training in many different fields, both practical and theoretical is unparalleled in the entirety of Fyera.

4. New Subclasses dedicated to every race of Fyera and their culture, which are unlocked from the very 1st level! There are over 20 racial archetypes for you to discover, such as the Pyromancer, a Rogue archetype that focuses on brewing alchemical bombs and explosives to light their enemies on fire, or the Ashen Berserker, a Barbarian archetype that mixes their own toxins, but instead of using them against their enemies, they consume them in order to gain various powers.

5. New backgrounds to select from manually, or to roll on their respective tables to quickly come up with fun character concepts.

6. TONS of feats to customize your character with, as well as a tweak to the feat distribution so that each character can select more feats throughout their progression without the need to sacrifice ability score improvements.

8. A new magical tradition known as Prohibited Magic, which exacts a heavy toll from its invokers in order to be used. Those who pay the price, however, are blessed with incredible power. Will you blacken your own soulspark in order to defeat your enemies?

7. Three new systems to enhance the brooding and dark themes of Fyera.

7a. The Erebos System tracks a character’s fall from grace as the story progresses. The soldiers who have fallen to this war are the lucky few, for its survivors must live on with all the sins they’ve committed in the name of the Light. Everyone will undertake the Journey, yet it remains to be seen whether it will lead you towards the Light, or if you will succumb to the Darkness.

7b. Empowered Abilities & Sparks of Light or Darkness. Each class archetype provides two class features with an empowered version, which can be used by spending a Light Spark. These Light Sparks can also be spent to active other abilities who demand it, or alternatively act as Inspiration. The GM can spend Dark Sparks if their monsters can command such dark powers, to unleash terrible effects against their party.

7c. The Scales of Nebula. This sub-system determines the toll it takes on the player characters to keep on fighting. Will you use up the Light inside you as fuel to vanquish your enemies, or keep it close to your heart and strive to be a beacon of hope for those around you? This is what the Scales determine.

In the end, it is up to each and every one of you to uphold their own cresset of light. To shine bright into the dark of night, and to drive away all the nightmares that lurk in the shadow of Fyera.

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Soulmist Core Book